Goldie Walker

western historical romance author

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface Temp Cover

Independent Republic of Texas, 1837

A year after the Texas Revolution, Mattie and Dane are haunted by the demons unearthed during their harrowing ordeal trapped in a cavern five months prior.

Mattie’s once-powerful divining gift has abandoned her and she can’t help but suspect it’s tied to the brooding ex-Ranger who appears to have done the same. Even as she struggles to rebuild her life in San Antonio, she can’t forget the power of Dane’s embrace or the way his walls slammed back up in the harsh light of day. 

Consumed by regret and reliving his greatest failure—being unable to save the woman who needs him, Dane is driven to find his missing sister, hoping to leave his traumatic memories behind. But evocative memories of Mattien are a bittersweet reminder of the love he craves but believes he doesn’t deserve.

As fate entwines their paths once more, Mattie and Dane must confront the shadows of the past that linger between them, threatening to consume them both. Will rekindling their strained connection restore Mattie’s lost gift and Dane’s shattered hope? Or will secrets and Dane’s reckless pursuit of redemption divide them permanently as they fight their way back to solid ground? 


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