Goldie Walker

western historical romance author


Unearthed Cover Image

Independent Republic of Texas, 1836

After barely surviving the Texas Revolution, ex-Ranger Dane McCollum seeks an uncomplicated life on his land grant outside San Antonio. Cajoled into hiring a water diviner to locate a well site, he expects a superstitious old man—not the high-spirited and determined Matilda “Mattie” Fromme.

Mattie’s used to being underestimated, but when Dane’s cynicism sends them tumbling into a maze of underground caverns, she’s forced to confront her worst fears. The dark, winding tunnels test her faith in her divining gift, the skill that could lead them to safety—or leave them trapped forever.

As Dane and Mattie navigate the unpredictable passages, close quarters fuel a simmering attraction, and they soon share steamy encounters neither expected. But survival is uncertain as Mattie struggles with self-doubt and Dane grapples with memories of guilt and failure that have haunted him since the war.

The treacherous journey through the caverns forces Dane and Mattie to confront truths about themselves and each other, unearthing vulnerabilities they’ve long kept hidden. Will their newfound trust and growing bond be strong enough to lead them back to the surface, or will the revelations that emerge in the darkness vanish in the light of day?

“Unearthed” is a gripping Western historical romance PREQUEL novella set in the untamed Texas frontier where love, trust, and hidden desires collide in the heart of danger.

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